Our letters to Gudrun


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Hal has left Gudrun and has sailed to England to begin a new life with his mother, sister and dog, Olaf.

Here are some of our star letters.


Well done Kalum you’ve made our blog!

Dear Gudrun,

I am in England now.  It’s weird here.  People dress differently and speak differently too.  I wish I was back home with you.  It was quite a voyage.  I will tell you about it.

We got on the boat.  I felt nervous.  As night fell the sea got rougher and the waves were hitting the side of the boat furiously.

When dawn came the sea got angrier.  Suddenly a big wave was heading towards us.  My mum grabbed me and Alfrun but Alfrun slipped and the wave grabbed her and she was thrown into the sea.

I tried to get her.  The boat tipped and I fell in.  I was terrified and cold.  I saw Alfrun. I grabbed her.  I swam towards the boat but it was like a moving wall.  Alfrun was grabbed from my arms and then a large pole hit me on the shoulder.  I grabbed it.  I got pulled out of the sea.  I was saved.  We killed a goat for Run.  I saw what you did to my roof post.  At first I was angry with you but it’s a great memory of you.

From Hal


Well done Calum.

Dear Gudrun,

We’re here at last but what a journey it’s been!

When we left I felt really upset.  At night the waves were very rough. When dawn came the sea got angrier.  The captain shouted us all up to warn us that there was a giant wave coming our way.  It got closer and closer.  Then it came down and tried to drown us all.  My mum held me and Alfrun.  Alfrun was washed out to sea.  I tried to keep hold of her but I was snatched into the sea too.  I almost drowned but I found Alfrun.  I pulled her to the surface and we were lifted out onto the boat.  

I looked at my roof post.  I thought you ruined it but I know you just wanted to be part of my saga.

When we got there there was another dog and they played together.  I hope you wont miss me too much.

Lots of love from



Joshua worked very hard.

Dear Gudrun,

Three days ago Alfrun fell into the sea and I fell into the sea as well.  I will tell you the story.

When we left I felt very very sad but the captain tried to make me feel happy by saying come on to the afterdeck.  I soon forgot I was sad.  The first night I couldn’t sleep.  (However it did not seem to bother anyone else.)  The reason I could not is I felt sick and water kept splashing in my face.

As the sun rose the sea got even angrier and Alfrun fell into the sea.  I tried to grab Alfrun but her hand slipped through my hand.  Then I slipped too.  I did not know which way was up or down.  then I saw something red.  It was Alfrun.  Just at that moment something hit me on the shoulder.  It was my roof post.  I grabbed it no matter what and I was pulled up.  At first, when I saw you on the roof post, I thought you had ruined it but now I am glad you did it.

Love from Hal.


Leo has improved his writing too.

Dear Gudrun,

On my first night on the ship I was scared that I would drown. I was the only one awake and I was stoking Olaf’s ear.  (I felt sick.)

Then came dawn.  Everyone was awake and the sea was raging.  The captain shouted, “Come over here on the afterdeck.  There’s a good view.”  But all I could see was the rough sea.

Suddenly there was a big wave and my mum grabbed hold of us but she was too late!

The wave took Alfrun in the sea.  I reached down to grab Alfrun’s red cloak but then I slipped in the sea.  I struggled and it was dark.  I swam and it seemed to get darker.  I grabbed hold of Alfrun and I was at the side of the ship.  The pole, that I carved, hit my shoulder.  I grabbed hold of it and they pulled me up.

When I was on the ship I saw you on the pole.  At first I thought you had wrecked it but then I liked it because I can remember you

A few days later I finally arrived.  there was a cool beach.  Mum showed me Aunty Inga and she showed me my four cousins. (One smiled at me.)

Olaf zoomed to my cousin’s dog and they played and had lots of fun.

from Hal


Well done, Jade.

Dear Gudrun,

Today I arrived at England and I met my cousins and Olaf make a friend.

The first day we sailed me and Alfrun fell into the water.  But then we got lifted from the water and into the boat.  I was really cold and salty.

I saw what happened.  You carved yourself.  I was angry at first but I am glad you did it.

When I left the only thing I could think about was you and everything that I left behind.  I felt upset but the captain tried to make me feel better by saying come up young lad on the afterdeck.  You get the best view of everyone.  I was a little bit happy.  He was right, it does have a good view but I don’t think it’s as good as being on top of a house.

I hope you are not missing me too much because if you do then you might get upset and miss me and I don’t want that.  Goodbye Gudrun,

Love from Hal


You’ve made the blog too, Ruby!

Dear Gudrun,

The last couple of days have been quite weird.  I nearly drowned and died.  I will tell you that story.

When the dawn rose the sea was so rough I nearly fell off.  Suddenly everyone saw a ginormous wave coming! The sailor shouted, “WAVE! Pull the sail done.” Mum was holding us tight but Alfrun fell in.  I tried to get hold of Alfrun’s red cape but I fell in.  I was so scared I thought it was the end of me but it wasn’t.  I managed to get Alfrun.  It was really hard now.  anyway I managed to get to the surface and then a pole hit me on the shoulder. It was my pole.  It pulled me out of the water.  I was safe.

When I got off, I noticed you had carved yourself on my roof post.  I was angry at first but then I was glad.  I knew you did it just so I wouldn’t forget you.  I would never ever forget you. 

When I got there I met two boys and their two dogs.  Olaf liked the two dogs.  Olaf laid down while the other two dogs sniffed him and we played on the beach while Olaf and the two dogs played in the water.

After that I met my cousins.  One gave me a little grin.  Aunt Inga said to me,”The boys will help you with your roof post.  It will be quite heavy but I’m sure four boys will do the job.  Come on I’ll show you where you can stay.” 

I really miss you.  I wish you could come.  If you can, can you ask to come to England?  It’s a great place.

All my love, Hal


Well done, James.

Dear Gudrun,

I am very sad that I had to go but I did meet my cousins.  I am now in England and what a journey!

It began when we left and when night fell on us.  Everyone was asleep. ( Except me of course.) Later at dawn, the sea was angrier and more rough than ever.  then the captain shouted loudly, so that everyone on the boat could hear, “THERE’S A MASSIVE WAVE!” Alfrun fell overboard then everyone else fell.  I saw a red cloak.

I dived under water and pulled Alfrun to the surface but I had no strength left to get on the ship.  Then I got pulled onto the boat. I was going to carve it on my post when I saw you on it so I was angry.  But now I’m glad you carved it on the roof post.

I finally found land.  When we got there I laid on the warm sand.  Olaf found a friend in about 8 seconds.  It is perfect weather here.

Love from Hal


Isabel worked really hard.

Dear Gudrun,

I am in England at last but what a journey!

When we left I felt sad because I left some of my family and all my friends.  The captain tried to make me happy.  He told me to come to the afterdeck to get a better view.

At night the sea had grown bigger and rough and I couldn’t sleep. (However it seemed not to bother anyone else.) I was glad I had Olaf to keep me warm.

As the sun rose, the sea became even angrier.  The sky was grey and the waves crashed onto the boat wetting us to the skin.  Mum held me and Alfrun.  But Alfrun got washed into the rocky waves.  Before I could think I went out to grab her but unfortunately I got snatched by a great big furious wave.

Next thing I knew I was floating in the cold icy sea.  Suddenly I spotted Alfrun and grabbed her solid body.

Now it was hard to swim but I still kicked my legs about. Without warning Olaf did a great bark.  I headed straight away in that direction.

I finally reached the air.  Alfrun got lifted from my arms.  Just as another wave was about to crash on me my pole hit my shoulder so I grabbed hold of it and I got lifted out of the sea.

When I was on the ship they wrapped me up with animal skins and fur.  Then I saw your carving on my post.  At first I thought you had tried to ruin it but then I realised you didn’t.

Two days late we spotted land.  When we got to land I saw three boys.  They were my cousins.  Also they had a dog so Olaf ran off to play with him.  I soon made new friends but you’re always going to be my best friend.  One more thing, everyone speaks differently and dresses differently.

Love from your dear friend,



A great effort, Magdiel.

Dear Gudrun,

I just want to say hello.  At first when I was on the ship I was quite worried.  When it was night I was stroking Olaf’s ears.  At one time of the night I was sick, well not sick but feeling sick.  In the morning it was worse.  there was a huge, vast storm.  Suddenly a big wave collapsed on Alfrun.  Then Alfrun was sinking and I could not wait a second for my sister to die so I jumped right in.  then I started to sink and I didn’t know which way was up or down and I was scared.  Next I saw Alfrun and I grabbed her red cloak and something hard hit me on the shoulder.  No matter what, I held on to it so tightly.  I was pulled on to the boat and I saw what you did on the roof post I made.  At first I thought you had ruined it but then I thought it was pretty good.  Eventually the sea calmed down and the wind was settling down.  My mum was so worried and asked if I was okay.  We carried on the journey.  Eventually we got to England.  They wore funny clothes and spoke a whole new language.  After that I got to meet cousin Inga and her children.  I really miss you.


A weekend with the Vikings


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Beni spent the weekend finding out grisly facts about the Vikings with his family.

We were all very impressed with his model longhouse.


Isabel’s beans


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Isabel followed up our lesson at home.

She grew one plant in the dark and one in light.

IMG_0101 IMG_0103

Well done Isabel!

Shadow monsters


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We really enjoyed making shadow monsters during our science topic about light.

IMG_0081 IMG_0088 IMG_0090 IMG_0089

Something to do when it’s raining.


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Having fun in maths!


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We used plasticine and straws to make 3D shapes.  Some of used construction kits.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0016
IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021

World Book Day 2015!


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IMG_0035Kalum wowed judges as James and the giant peach.

IMG_0036These boys loved being in role!

IMG_0037Hogwarts watch out.

IMG_0040We found them!

IMG_0041Our ladies from Frozen

IMG_0042More princesses.


Heroes not to be messed with.
IMG_0044Do you recognise this cool dude?


Now it’s getting frightening.

IMG_0046Year 1 were very impressed by this famous visitor.

IMG_0047Chelsea looked purrrrfect.


IMG_0048Who’s in the box?


Thanks to all the parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents and friends, who helped kit out our fantastic Year 3 book characters.

Welcome to Year 3


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Welcome to Badger’s first blog!  We hope that you will follow us and we’d love you to add your comments.

We can’t stop singing this!


Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/anglo_saxons/ to play ‘Dig it Up’ a great archaelogical game that supports our topic this half term.